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Ford Tractor Hall of Fame Photos - 2016


Ryan M. bought this 1947 8N intending to do a V8 conversion, but didn't have the heart to remove the great running original engine. I'd say that was a good decision.


Tony D. just got this '50 8N 276763 which has not moved from the family farm in 20 years. This will be a Winter project. Hopefully he will send an "after" photo in the Spring, (hint).


Here's a worker. Scott W. has owned this '72 Massey Ferguson 135 diesel for about a year. A small diesel like this is probably the best choice for a working tractor. Maintenance is much simpler than for any antique gas engine.


Mike D. in Quebec Canada sent this photo of his very nice Ford 850 1955.


Randy P. sent this photo. Says he is working on a Flathead and a small V8 project.


Douglas K. in Brazil sent these photos of his tractors, a Ford 8N and what I believe is a 1952 URUS B-28, a German tractor. A quick search on the web turned up photos of nearly identical tractors with the nose emblem URUS and URSUS. URSUS was a manufacturer in Poland that copied some German tractor designs to quickly get back into production after World War Two.


Dick H. has an early 8N tractor, built in 1947. I'd like to see more detailed photos of this one.


Dr. Mark B. just busted some sod with Betsy.


Jason K. sent some photos a few weeks ago, and here's another photo of his late 8N with a single bottom plow, and hot rod exhaust.


Brian S. picked up this gem for $125.


Douglas K. in Brazil has been working on their 8N tractor.


Maurice H. found this nice 9N in Maine and drove it on "The Great International Tractor Trek" to their Summer property in the Fundy Isles, Canada. Plus a bonus photo of their '50 Mercury 3/4 Ton PU.


Jason K. just bought this 1952 8N with mower and 6 foot blade. His son is already studying the manual.

Earlier Photos

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