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Ford Tractor Hall of Fame Photos - 2011


Here's a couple photos of Tom G's 8N.


Here's Farmer Bill pulling a load of tobacco with his Ford 8N in Whately Mass. This one was restored in 2005.


Photos were a little small, so I grouped them. Ricky has a couple of really nice machines though.


Brandon and Cathy have this nice 8N purchased in 2001 and rebuilt in 2003. Nice trailer too!


Gordon has acquired this 9N. Someone swiped the starter, but I like those front tires. Looks like a decent loader frame on it too.


Joe has a late model 8N that has been in the family a long time. It was bought by his father in 1960 or 61. It's running again after sitting for around 25 years. I really like that support frame on casters.

Here's an update from Joe (July 2011). His son Craig helped put a DONE stamp on painting.


Here are more updates from Joe (August 10, 2011).


And the Finished photo (August 12, 2011). The progressive photos are great. If we had a few more photos and descriptions, this could be another tractor fix-up chapter on the site.


Mike D. sent these photos of his 8N in Canada. Beautiful Country, short summers though.

More Photos


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