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Ford Tractor Hall of Fame Photos - 2013


Alex H. has a good-running 1952 8N. This one came with implements! Don't forget to ask, "what goes with it?" when buying any tractor. No telling what the seller will toss in to help make a sale.


Harold M. really "stuck" his 2N in a soft spot on his property. He got it out with a jack, cut firewood to fill the holes, and drove it out. You might want to take look at his very well-designed web site (kv5r.com), he has DIY stuff on several subjects.


Patrick K. is just finishing a restore on his 45-2N. (the engine is 51 8N side mount)


This looks like a nice 8N Alan found near Bentonville, AK.


Michael sent this photo of his early 9N. I wonder if that's an aluminum hood?


Jason has a well-done 9N with the updated paint scheme.


John's 9N with a plow. I like the original gray color too.


Glen has done a great job with his 9N.


Check out the tilt hood on Joe's 8N! I've often wondered why Ford didn't do this.

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