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Ford Tractor Hall of Fame Photos - 2010 and Earlier


Matt R. Has a serious snow moving setup.


And check-out those flames! Nice Job!


Looks like a Patrick P. has a pretty straight and mostly original 2N


Here's another photo of Patrick's 2N running around the neighborhood.


This 9N looks like a real worker by Jim P.


Apparently Jim P. has a few that don't work quite as hard.


Another very well done 8N by Jim P.


Brennan and Dad on Grandpa's Tractor - Roger D.


Dave C. has a nice fleet.


Here's another nice restoration by Bruce H.


This is a true restoration by just8ns.com. These guys don't just sell parts, they do first class restorations too. This photo is also a link that will take you directly to their web site.


George W. restored this 8N. I'm sure that's not him on it though, GRIN.


This one will move some snow AND keep the operator comfortable.


Wade C. has a solid 8N here.


Cindy S. has her 8N Lookin Good!


Nice 2N on steel wheels.


Here's an early 8N that cleaned up well.


Another nice 8N.


Really Nice Restored Side-Distributor 8N at a show.


I hope "Frankenstein" is the tractor's name. Nice One!


Work-in-progress. Looks like an early front-distributor 8N.


This is the finished tractor that goes with the previous photo. This one has an auxiliary transmission.


Nice N at work


Looks like a first class job fixing-up this tractor.


Ray C. - Only $500 - Needs Work but it's a good one.

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