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I normally wouldn't dedicate a whole page to an upgrade as simple as this, but the result was much better than expected.

The Polaris Ranger 500 is not a loud vehicle. The stock exhaust is relatively quiet. I still thought it could be improved. There are some "stealth" exhaust kits for sale. Most add a second muffler. As is often the case, I wasn't willing to part with as much cash as they wanted for any of those.

A broken heat sheid was found and fixed. That probably explained some of the general racket from the engine bay. Then I noticed the exhaust pipe is just pointing straight out the back. What if we put an extension on that with an elbow turned down? Most auto parts stores have a small assortment of pipe and elbows. I wasn't hopeful that they would actually have anything small enough, but found an elbow that was the correct size to fit over the factory pipe.

The elbow was cut thru the bend leaving just enough so the new outlet will point towards the ground. The new tailpipe was slipped over the factory pipe with a few whacks from a rubber mallet. A self-tapping screw was used to lock it in place. If nothing else the new tailpipe looks better. The big surprise was how much quieter it is standing 15 or 20 feet away.

Exhaust Tip
Exhaust Tip

How About some Trail Rides?

The Polaris Ranger is a handy vehicle and it's a lot of fun. Here's a couple videos.

THAT's THE END - for now

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