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1971 FORD 3000 TRACTOR


Tractor rollovers are the single deadliest type of injury incident on farms in the United States.

A ROllover Protective Structure, (ROPS) is a cab or roll bar that provides a safe zone for the tractor operator if the tractor should roll over.

A Falling Object Protective Structure, (FOPS) is a cab, roof, or screen that protects the operator from branches, rocks, and other falling objects.

My Ford 3000 tractor was built in the era when most manufacturers did offer ROPS as an option. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of these tractors were delivered with ROPS. The only regulations that require ROPS apply to a business with 11 or more employees. Some of these vintage tractors did get rollover protection when it was provided as part of a cab. My Ford 3000 never had a ROPS. Virginia does not have any funding for the program that might make the cost of a certified ROPS affordable. Steel was actually purchased to build a sturdy "sunshade support" for the Ford 3000, but before that project got started I decided the 3000 was just too much tractor for my needs. There is a much longer writeup on the issues regarding factory built and homemade ROPS on my "vintage tractor" page. If you want the rest of the story, here's a link to everything I've discovered or ranted about ROPS .


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