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One new hand tool specifically created for use with the new Ford 9N tractor, is the plow wrench. Several different types of plow wrenches have been found that pre-date the first 39 Ford/Ferguson 9N Tractor by a number of years, so it was not a new invention. But it was a tool that Harry Ferguson wanted, so that only one tool would be needed to make all necessary field adjustments to his plow. Many people have used the marks on the plow wrench to measure fuel level in the tank, but the marks do not accurately relate to gallons. They are obviously inch marks. Quite a few antique Ford Tractor and old tool experts insist that the plow wrench was also intended to be used as a fuel guage. Some claim they were told this by Ford dealers back in the day. Some old tool experts claim that since the small end fits, and the large end prevents it being dropped into the tank, "this proves it was intended to be used as a gas guage". I have not been able to find any official Ford documentation that refers to the plow wrench as a fuel guage wrench. So I will ontinue to call it simply "The Plow Wrench" until somebody provides proof.

The various rumors circulating the web about people blowing themselves up by sticking a wrench in their gas tank are generally just rumors. The same is true for the ones about cell phones. Explosions and fires do sometimes happen around open fuel tanks. Static electricity is REAL, and does not need a metal wrench, cell phone, or other device to occur. It is usually impossible to confirm exactly what action caused the smoking wreck, burned down garage, or crater. Any time you approach any fuel tank you should make first contact with the metal body as far away from any filler cap or vent as possible. This will discharge any static electricity before you get near any fuel vapor that a spark could ignite.

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